luni, 12 martie 2012

the master of the universe

i don't think we are able to find in our world a material heavier and lighter than word. letters invented by old minds, forgotten already for centuries, are transforming in soft dough and slowly, with patience, they take the form of the lips who send them into the world.

with an effort of immagination i can almost see the words lined up on our lips waiting to spread their wings.

the same as water who inside her soul misses the form, moulding with love on the vase, the word takes the form of the soul who say it... it gives a name to everything around us and even the personality of people owns the word to describes it.

being the most malleable material it is easy to make arrows from words to shoot the enemies hearts, to make with it the tears to weave, it's easy to re create the form of the beautiful eyes of your loved one, it is easy to build a mechanisme for the heart to beat faster, bridles to bridle the other ones, or to make them lose their heads in a drunkenness deeper and more dangerous than every alcohol...

and so, with patience, the word's sculptor becomes with not so much noise, the master of the universe...