marți, 30 octombrie 2012

Be Different adică....

Lasă turma să-şi vadă de treaba ei.

Adolescenţa şi primii ani de "om mare" (adică major) sunt unii dintre cei mai ciudaţi, pentru că spiritul de care vorbim în propoziţie este mai mult decât prezent. În moda pe care fiecare şi-o însuşeşte fără menajamente, doar pentru că şi Ana şi Suzana şi Mariana o poartă. Şi parcă nici nu mai contează că ai picioarele ca butucii sau ca grisinele, pentru că, dacă moda de la televizor, şcoală sau facultate zice că tre' să porţi fustă scurtă şi mulată. Gata, legea a fost emisă deja. Deci, te conformezi. Şi dacă aceeaşi rezoluţie spune că vara, pe cea mai cea caniculă, se poartă cizmele, te conformezi iar. Ce mai contează că îţi rogi moartea de la atâta căldură, când ştii că astfel şi numai astfel vei fi acceptată în grupul Lor, al "fetelor" populare. Hollywood-ul geme, şi el, de filme cu adolescente (sau tinere) cu această "problemă" care le aduce în pragul sinuciderii pentru simplul fapt că nu sunt blonde, cu ochi albaştri, că nu mor de foame din pricina "dietei", dar care, culmea, în final ajung la aceeaşi concluzie: să fii diferit e bine.
Pentru că în lumea aceasta în care societatea se străduieşte din răsputeri să ne facă pe toţi la fel, doar printr-o încăpăţânare de copil reuşim să nu ne uniformizăm. Cu visurile noastre, cu micile nebunii, cu pasiunile. Care, culmea, ne individualizează. Şi nu ştiu cum se face, dar ori de câte ori îţi vezi de treaba ta, ajungi să fii invidiat de alţii. Poate din cauză că ei ştiu că nu vor putea fi ca tine niciodată, sau poate din pricina personalităţii tale spumoase.
Aşa că, de ce-ai alege să te pierzi într-o turmă care nici măcar nu ţi se potriveşte când poţi avea propria cireadă? De admiratori şi admiratoare

luni, 12 martie 2012

the master of the universe

i don't think we are able to find in our world a material heavier and lighter than word. letters invented by old minds, forgotten already for centuries, are transforming in soft dough and slowly, with patience, they take the form of the lips who send them into the world.

with an effort of immagination i can almost see the words lined up on our lips waiting to spread their wings.

the same as water who inside her soul misses the form, moulding with love on the vase, the word takes the form of the soul who say it... it gives a name to everything around us and even the personality of people owns the word to describes it.

being the most malleable material it is easy to make arrows from words to shoot the enemies hearts, to make with it the tears to weave, it's easy to re create the form of the beautiful eyes of your loved one, it is easy to build a mechanisme for the heart to beat faster, bridles to bridle the other ones, or to make them lose their heads in a drunkenness deeper and more dangerous than every alcohol...

and so, with patience, the word's sculptor becomes with not so much noise, the master of the universe...

vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Ballet, the seen and the unseen art

They say the music starts in the point the word is losing its meaning. We can say the same about dancing, because the dancers tell us whole stories without saying a word. The stage, the scenery, the costumes, the music and their own bodies become the tools they use to transpose the public into the fragile world of the movement, which is alive as long as the music flows.

Ballet is an art made with care, apparently simple, but there are only few who know that the light steps, the flight, the grace and the high jumps hide many years in the study classroom, consumptive rehearsals and efforts which, most of the time, force the limits. Because there, on stage, the dancer transforms, with sculptor's meticulousness and stubbornness, his own body, into a piece of art, having one and supreme wage: the appreciation and the applauses of the public.

I arrived on Culture House on a Wednesday evening, a half an hour earlier than Ballet Gala, the program of Sibiu Ballet Theatre, was programmed to begin. Because of my early arrival I had plenty of time to see the preparations of the dancers for the show and to feel their emotions. Down, in the cabins, a big rush. An interesting contrast with the silence and peace you can find everywhere on the hallways. The dancers are preparing for the two hours show which is announced to fill the hall. In the cabins, on hangers, are laying quietly all the costumes the ballerinas will wear along the evening, but a big part of the artists are already dressed up, with the make up on, tracing the last retouching. On small faces is set with meticulousness a dramatic make up. The lips on blood's color, the rounds of the eyes doubled by a black thick line, the cheek bones, lifted with red have to transmit the sight and the emotion until the far off corner of the hall with 700 sits. The hair enriched with ribbons, flowers or tiaras, is fixed carefully in loops, on the back, one of the ballerinas throwing in the last minute a rarefy cloud of fixing spray over the escaped hair.

In the other corner of the room with big mirrors, which became small because of the rush, a dancer is preparing her feet for the pointes. Those ballet shoes which are going to help her elevate lightly her body, on the top of her legs stretched like needles. She is covering each toe in band to protect it from the shoes "teeth".
Ballerina's feet are the most affected by dancing, the shoes with dull tops giving strong aches to those who wear them.

“The way you learn to tie your shoe-strings…”

The time passes away like a shadow covered by the rush of the dancers who are starting to warm up behind the scene or on the stage, far away of beholders eyes, hidden of the curious sights by the closed curtain. Near by, a girl is tying up her ballet shoes in a very special way. She is looking somehow surprised, to me, when I’m asking her about the technique that seems so complicated. “You learn to tie up your ballet shoes the same way you learn to tie your shoe-strings” she is telling me, while is jumping her feet to run on the stage where is starting to practice a complicate movement.

Before the show, there is a high solidarity between the dancers, no matter they are prime dancers or not. In these moments all left is the vivid emotion, and so thick that you could cut it by knife. “Good luck!”, “God help you! Be beautiful!” I hear somewhere in the left, and the reply: “Good luck to you, too! I will not let myself!” They are hugging each other, sustaining each other, because now, in these moments, there is nothing else left. The mind, the talent and all the practice are the only things that matter, the stubborn body being kept submissive, almost by force. “I am sweated already”, I hear again, while in the other world, of the bystanders, the dance lovers are taking place on their sits.

The show of the backstage

In the backstage there is a strange smell. A combination difficult to define, which, even it has nothing from this, has everything together. It’s taking in just one molecule: dust, paint, wood, tissue, in unknown quantities. Like a magic potion. A specific smell that can’t be taken as something else, which once you’ve experienced is coming back to life from the corner of the memory, each time you get close to other stage and other backstage.

The space is tight, closed between the black wings of the curtains. Here I’m trying to find a place. I’m picking up a chair “forgotten” near the entrance of the stage, having a pretty good perspective over the place and sitting there. I make myself little, almost invisible, to not disturb the dancers.
The show starts.
Near the scene, you can’t see well because of the stage lights, which flood the place in light. The back stages are empty now. Between the stage lights lengthening their necks to watch their colleagues, you can find now only the dancers that are going to perform in the next minutes. Some of them calm, others agitated still warming up. Near me, a small Japanese, sitting down and dressed in tutu, is applauding together with the public. But she is doing it in silent, without sound.
A few meters away, on stage, the pas-de-deux gives wings to dancers. He flies in high and spectacular jumps, defying the earth, the nature and the gravity, seeming like hiding air in his bones, while she is guiding with her mind and soul each foot stretching or finger’s wince. Nothing is left on chance’s mercy. Not a centimeter or millimeter of their bodies. Cause the classical dancing is built on rules left unchanged for at least one hundred years. There, on stage, the dancers are not human beings anymore. They can lift up over the weaknesses that human nature has. They control with an iron will the arms, the legs, the tiredness, the lack of air they feel sometimes…And they smile, are sad, or happy as the role “asks”, the fight with themselves taking place inside them, not in front of the public.
Only in the moment when, with the applause of the public, they are going out of stage, they become human again, letting themselves collapsing. Cause after a long dancing a ballerina fell of her feet in the backstage. “Breathe deeply!”, “It’s all right, don’t get upset now” I’m hearing them telling each other, while the dancers who presented already to the public, breathing interrupted have their forehead, the face, the arms and the back covered in sweat drops that fall on the indifferently floor.
Some of them are coming out happy, thanking their partners, others, gnashing their teeth of anger, for getting lost one of the music measurements, for making an um-perfect pirouette or for mistaking one arabesque.

A sight from a closed world

The second part of Ballet Gala found me sitting in public, away from this closed world of dancers, which doesn’t allow anything to get out. From this perspective, I can’t see nor the effort, nor the sweat. I can see only that unbelievable easiness and serene faces that are making everything seem simple, as simple as a brick game.

luni, 13 februarie 2012

So, What's Your...Element? (II)

Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the elements we are made of. and, sometimes, is enough to look into that angry person's eyes to see that fire burning. in a more dangerous way than all the volcanos of the earth, taken all together. Old people believed that these four elements put their particles in us and is enough to be born in a specific month, week and day to be made of more air.
The element it doesn't show exactly who we really are, but it gives some hints on how our personality can be or become... in general terms.

The Fire People ("want some pure passion?")

Fire is the symbol of the passion in both good and not so good meanings. the fire people (who are born under the sign of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are first of all passionate and they do everything acording their first impulse. their life phylosophy may sound like "life is too short not to live it", or "carpe diem" cause they are not the people who stay cool in the house when there is a party out there. they love like no others, they hate like no others but they can also chip away a glass only because they got angry. if you are not happy, interesting or popular, you'll never get them.

The Earth People ("strong as the Gibraltar Rock")

Stability is the word to describe the Earth People. If you are Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then you are one of the most stable persons in the zodiac. Earth gives conservatorism in large lines and makes very working people, who are fighting to have a great career. money are the symbol of stability the earth people need so much and they are doing everything to have them. usually they are great friends you can count on and they are honorable people.

duminică, 12 februarie 2012

So, What's Your...Element? (I)

Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the elements we are made of. and, sometimes, is enough to look into that angry person's eyes to see that fire burning. in a more dangerous way than all the volcanos of the earth, taken all together. Old people believed that these four elements put their particles in us and is enough to be born in a specific month, week and day to be made of more air.
The element it doesn't show exactly who we really are, but it gives some hints on how our personality can be or become... in general terms.

The Air People ("we may have clouds in our eyes, but the feet deep in the ground")

If you are born in the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarium, then, you are made of ...air. the clouds are your friends, and not because you would travel by plane all day long, but because your mind goes up, up in the sky. Air people are light as the element that represents them and because of the clouds their spirit is made of, they love insanely everything that is unique, original or completely new. Air people are original and is hard to pin them down if you are a conservatory person. As people with a cloud heart, they like the intelligence above all, and if you want to catch their eye you must be a clever "brainiac".

The Water People ("mysterious as the deep waters of the oceans")

If you are born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, then you don't belong to earth. you are born to find the depths of the waters around you, the world and the...people. it's easy for you to feel what's happening around, even nobody's telling anything and you are difficult to be understood. deep and hidden after a thousands masks it is only you who know what you really think, feel and want, and a complete mistery to others. if they want to know you, they must sink with you, cause, exactly as the water (your element) once they catch you, they can lose you through their fingers.

- to be continued-

vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Why would I believe in Astrology?

I'm opening today a new chapter on my blog - the ASTRO chapter, cause despite of all my love for logic and art, taken all together, I also like the mistery, the joy and all the fun Astrology may bring in our lives.
Considered by centuries as a fake science, Astrology is not believed, trusted, but, paradoxically, there are million, or billion of people who are interested in it.

so, "what's your sign?" becomes a very pertinent question....

I do believe in sun signs and in the traits a specific day of birth is able to "put" in us, and no, I don't believe in the day by day horoscope, even I admit I'm reading it.

...only once in a while and just for fun.

but...why would I trust a "science" which is not even considered a science and why would I believe in this specific something which puts all the people in frames, only because they are born in the same time of the year? people are different. life teached me that. and I am agree with this saying: "stars predispose, but people dispose"... so, even I'm a cancerian and I find myself in many of this sun sign traits, I don't believe I like to stay in the shadow or to make one step forward and two in the back, only because astrolgy would say so.

and when I see the moon every night, I know how powerful is the energy and magnetism that daughter of the darkness brings on our Earth. and there is no doubt, the Moon which has the power to move the big waters on our planets, can also move the water we (people) are made of. this is my first motif to believe.

the second one, goes deep in our past, in the world made in the lighted and rich era of Antiquity.

I don't believe the old people were stupid...not at all...the proof to sustain this are all the things discovered by them. democracy...we use today with pride and joy, the binary system we made our computers with, the pi value, astronomy, many others and, the last but not the least...ASTROLOGY.

marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

Altfel? Da, la fel ca toată lumea

"Altfel" este un alt cuvânt din dicţionar. exact aşa ca multe altele. dar sensul pe care îl poartă în pântec este şi el altă natură, în alt chip, altcum, altcumva şi chiar şi de alt soi.

oare, cum vine asta? să fii de alt soi?

"de alt soi" este un măr galben într-un copac încărcat cu fructe roşii, ananasul care "refuză" să se îngălbenească, morcovul care se încăpăţânează să stea încovrigat când normele UE îi cer să stea drept şi exemplele "fructicole", de acest gen, pot continua la infinit, toate înglobând în mixtura lor de sensuri termeni precum "încăpăţânează", "refuză", "opus" şi multe asemenea.

să fii puţin altfel pare să fie motto-ul care guvernează viaţa pământenilor. şi o face atât de bine încât diferenţierea s-a transformat într-un fel de trend.

unul urmat de toată lumea....

ce căi ciudate ne-a pregătit societatea! unele bine stabilite, pavate frumos cu sticlă colorată pentru a ne fura ochii şi minţile. într-atât încât să ne inducă sentimentul de unicitate. lumea în care trăim ne face să ne simţim speciali, interesanţi, unici şi liberi în manifestările noastre. şi acesta este un lucru care îi reuşeşte societăţii atât de bine, încât fiecare dintre noi cade lat de admiraţie când se priveşte în oglindă, sau când îşi urmăreşte "creaţia". creaţie care, privită de departe este la fel de unică precum cea a celor de lângă noi.

obsesia "altfel-ului" ne reprezintă. exact aşa cum o face şi cea a frumuseţii. ...sau a tinereţii fără bătrâneţe....şi ne reprezintă într-un fel în care toate sforţările noastre ne fac să cădem în banalitate. într-o mediocritate lipsită de strălucire...

şi cred că putem fi altfel doar în momentele în care nici măcar nu conştientizăm lucrul acesta. sau când nu facem niciun efort pentru a ne demonstra unicitatea...

adică ne trezim într-o bună dimineaţă şi ne încălţăm papucii de casă, începând cu piciorul stâng, pentru că aşa ne vine. şi cine ştie, poate vom constata într-o bună zi, cu surprindere, că tocmai acest lucru ne face speciali. pentru că toţi ceilalţi pământeni se forţează să se încalţe stând pe spate

...doar pentru că se gândesc că asta i-ar face interesanţi...