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How I Lost Weight - First Lesson

Let's say you have too many kilos so you can't wear that perfect pair of jeans, your young look skirt or dress, you hate looking into the mirror, and you feel bad to undress. (Been there, felt so too) So you decide you must lose weight (to read further press the link under the picture)

One of the most important things when you decide to make your body lighter, is that you need to be PATIENT. Patience is needed, cause a healthy way to lose some kilos comes with time.  And we don't just want to lose some weight, we want to stay thin, don't we?

Ok, let's start then.

All my life I was a thin girl and I remember even now, those boney knees I had in my childhood. However, by 2004 I suddenly gained weight untill, about 143,3 pounds, which I kept with "selfishness" and "pride" for 2 years, until I could not live with me being fat anymore.
The first thing I did was to start reading a lot of books about nutrition that would help me changing my lifestyle and I created my own "recipe", which helped me get to 105,8 pounds in a few months, without getting traumatized, without drastic dieting, without getting hungry, but most importantly, without getting fat again after that, and getting rid of cellulite. There are about six years since then and my weight is almost the same (about 112 pounds) while I allow myself to eat ice cream, chocolate or pancakes, but with a limit.

Let's suppose that you have reached the point where you can't bear that fat anymore, but once you decide to lose weight, you must be certain that you're not gonna fall in the "arms" of temptation, What we are talking about here is not a regime, but a lifestyle.

to be avoided:
If you want to lose some weight, you must avoid the combinations of protein and carbohydrates. Proteins are found especially in animal originated foods like: meat, eggs, milk, cheese, while foods rich in carbohydrates are pasta, potatoes, rice, peas (also with protein), bread... So, if you want to offer your body a favor, and want to let fat go, do not combine them. If you don't know what to eat to follow that rule, just try some grilled steak (of white meat especially) with fresh prepared salad, as a garnish.

what must be avoided:

*sugar - which is a nightmare for our poor body, anyway. Following that rule, I gave up sugar in my coffee or tea.  I would not say it was easy. I was very hard, but with some will power I succeded. Today I'm still drinking my tea or coffee with no sugar and I love them this way.

*candy- we do not have to be genius to realize that sweets are simply wrong. ok are not that bad, because they are an important source of energyand I must admit I ate them while I was in the weight loss mode, but in very small portions. I was careful to buy me chocolate (extra dark, when I wanted to reward myself) but in small packages to be not tempted to eat a whole big chocolate. My advice is to not eat chocolate, to resist that desire as much as you can, but when you feel like you can not, you could first try to tame that sweet tooth with some fruits.

                                     ~ to be continued ~

PS. I'm not a doctor, my losing weight "recipe" is just based on my experience. If you want to be sure you're doing the right thing by following my advices you should go to a physician too :)

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