marți, 6 aprilie 2010

lost in times...

I think life must be lived... must be breathe through all our pores. we must touch, smell, taste it because this is the only way we can say, when we are old, that we haven't lost anything.

I can't stop myself wondering, then, why are we so afraid of living? we run all our lives for an intense and real love moment but when we find it, we run from it, or we close our hearts cause we are too scared of getting hurt. we are too scared to eat something we are not used to, or to experience something we never lived and we prefer to stay in our small yard we are so used to, just because people expect us to do this, or because we are too afraid of changing what we have and know already.

"I still have time", we say, but we forget how surprising this life... or death.. can be and maybe tomorrow we will be just air, or sand, or water. they say the present is the past all together, because everything we are, comes from our experiences. everything we are and become..

when we start to live in the past through our perfect or imperfect memories, or in the future dreaming how things are going to be, we can say we're dead already. because being so busy with our minds and dreams and memories we miss the moment we have. the smell of a lily on a street corner, the sweet taste of spring in the air. or his/ her smile.

we are now and we have this moment to catch all our life and her small imperfections.

of course we can't just live the moment without planning everything, but we must forget sometimes about what we HAVE to do or what we MUST do, and to live, intense, properly. in beauty and ugliness, in love and hate, in night and day, in heaven and hell.

...all together...

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