luni, 13 februarie 2012

So, What's Your...Element? (II)

Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the elements we are made of. and, sometimes, is enough to look into that angry person's eyes to see that fire burning. in a more dangerous way than all the volcanos of the earth, taken all together. Old people believed that these four elements put their particles in us and is enough to be born in a specific month, week and day to be made of more air.
The element it doesn't show exactly who we really are, but it gives some hints on how our personality can be or become... in general terms.

The Fire People ("want some pure passion?")

Fire is the symbol of the passion in both good and not so good meanings. the fire people (who are born under the sign of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are first of all passionate and they do everything acording their first impulse. their life phylosophy may sound like "life is too short not to live it", or "carpe diem" cause they are not the people who stay cool in the house when there is a party out there. they love like no others, they hate like no others but they can also chip away a glass only because they got angry. if you are not happy, interesting or popular, you'll never get them.

The Earth People ("strong as the Gibraltar Rock")

Stability is the word to describe the Earth People. If you are Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then you are one of the most stable persons in the zodiac. Earth gives conservatorism in large lines and makes very working people, who are fighting to have a great career. money are the symbol of stability the earth people need so much and they are doing everything to have them. usually they are great friends you can count on and they are honorable people.

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