vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Why would I believe in Astrology?

I'm opening today a new chapter on my blog - the ASTRO chapter, cause despite of all my love for logic and art, taken all together, I also like the mistery, the joy and all the fun Astrology may bring in our lives.
Considered by centuries as a fake science, Astrology is not believed, trusted, but, paradoxically, there are million, or billion of people who are interested in it.

so, "what's your sign?" becomes a very pertinent question....

I do believe in sun signs and in the traits a specific day of birth is able to "put" in us, and no, I don't believe in the day by day horoscope, even I admit I'm reading it.

...only once in a while and just for fun.

but...why would I trust a "science" which is not even considered a science and why would I believe in this specific something which puts all the people in frames, only because they are born in the same time of the year? people are different. life teached me that. and I am agree with this saying: "stars predispose, but people dispose"... so, even I'm a cancerian and I find myself in many of this sun sign traits, I don't believe I like to stay in the shadow or to make one step forward and two in the back, only because astrolgy would say so.

and when I see the moon every night, I know how powerful is the energy and magnetism that daughter of the darkness brings on our Earth. and there is no doubt, the Moon which has the power to move the big waters on our planets, can also move the water we (people) are made of. this is my first motif to believe.

the second one, goes deep in our past, in the world made in the lighted and rich era of Antiquity.

I don't believe the old people were stupid...not at all...the proof to sustain this are all the things discovered by them. democracy...we use today with pride and joy, the binary system we made our computers with, the pi value, astronomy, many others and, the last but not the least...ASTROLOGY.

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