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So, What's Your...Element? (I)

Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the elements we are made of. and, sometimes, is enough to look into that angry person's eyes to see that fire burning. in a more dangerous way than all the volcanos of the earth, taken all together. Old people believed that these four elements put their particles in us and is enough to be born in a specific month, week and day to be made of more fire..water..earth...or air.
The element it doesn't show exactly who we really are, but it gives some hints on how our personality can be or become... in general terms.

The Air People ("we may have clouds in our eyes, but the feet deep in the ground")

If you are born in the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarium, then, you are made of ...air. the clouds are your friends, and not because you would travel by plane all day long, but because your mind goes up, up in the sky. Air people are light as the element that represents them and because of the clouds their spirit is made of, they love insanely everything that is unique, original or completely new. Air people are original and is hard to pin them down if you are a conservatory person. As people with a cloud heart, they like the intelligence above all, and if you want to catch their eye you must be a clever "brainiac".

The Water People ("mysterious as the deep waters of the oceans")

If you are born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, then you don't belong to earth. you are born to find the depths of the waters around you, the world and the...people. it's easy for you to feel what's happening around, even nobody's telling anything and you are difficult to be understood. deep and hidden after a thousands masks it is only you who know what you really think, feel and want, and a complete mistery to others. if they want to know you, they must sink with you, cause, exactly as the water (your element) once they catch you, they can lose you through their fingers.

- to be continued-

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