miercuri, 2 aprilie 2008

the truth

we all talk about it. the truth of our actions, the truth about others actions, truth.........truth.......
we need it to be able to live in harmony with our inner self and with the universe, but in the same time it seems we have developed the best ways to lie ourselves. we choose to become blind, or to create another reality, just to feel better with the world.

we will never know where the truth beguin and where is the edge.......and there are things we'll never know, even they are next to us all the time.

we'll never know how others really feel about us, what they really think about us........but is it a good thing to know everything? the truth's truth?

...we would loose all the mystery of the existence.....if there would be no black spots in our lives, or a hidden side of the moon we would always wonder about.

a light too strong may damage our eyes and can make us blind for good......the truth's light may be too cruel sometimes and may damage our hearts for good.....

so i choose to live a normal life with mysterious ways.....with spots and lights and shadows, and colors and with not said things, or words, telling myself i am happy every single second of my life, but wondering AM I HAPPY?........in the same time.

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