luni, 28 iulie 2008

funny, stupid, crazy stories

there are things which seem to happen only with some people. i don't know how you have to be, what kind of structure you need, but i guess there is something genetically. it is like we are born with a huge magnet which attracts.....funny, stupid, crazy people, funny, stupid, crazy stories...funny, stupid, crazy........everything.

and i bet each one of us, thinks it is in this exclusive "club"

my sister is one of the members. why am i saying that? because in a beautiful day (it doesn't matter if the sun was shining, if it was spring or winter) a dog thought she was a lovely tree, and after some rounds around her wanted to pee on her :)))))

I'm IN too, because in another beautiful summer day someone stole the carriage in the supermarket under our nose, leaving instead a broken one (why would someone steal your empty carriage when it costs only 50 bani to take it? daah) and because i don't know how, i managed to have a sauce spot on my forehead on a very nice date.

there are IN all the people who have the umbrella when they leave the house and who don't have it anymore on their arrival back, because they lost it somewhere on the way, and all who are choosing the worse taxi driver, the worse pair of shoe, the worse of the worse which lead to other and other funny, stupid, crazy stories.

but you know what? I like to be a part of this club, because it would be so boring to have no surprises into my life, and to do always the right thing, even i hate it, pretending in the same time that everything is fine with me.
so, my friends, lets create an interesting world with our funny, stupid, crazy spirit.


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