vineri, 28 martie 2008

beautiful day :)

I care a lot about my friends. if some years ago, in my Spring, i could just walk away when a friend wanted to hurt my feelings, i can't do that anymore. through the time passing I've learned how precious is a friend, no matter if there is near you in space, or 1 billion km away, on other planet. a friend is a treasure........the soul and the ear who are ready to be near me, all the time I need it.

i care a lot about my friends.....Romanians or not, the people who share my culture and my ideas, the people who share my cultural tastes, the people who speak my soul's language, I feel honored every time i see the joy in their eyes, the sun shining.....and I hope I'll find many happy moments and spots in my life to share with them, many happy moments in their lives too...

because I write in our native language for my Romanians friends, and because i feel like I want to share my thoughts with the non Romanian's speakers too, i'll write some of my articles , and blog's ideas in English too.

kiss you all, my dear friends.

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